Non-Disclosure Agreement for Employees

Non-disclosure agreement for employees or you can say it as NDA which is the type of agreement or contract which is signed between the two people in which both of the parties or person who signed the paper decide to not to disclose any of the single information or confidential information which they have shared with each other for the business purpose.

Mutual non-disclosure agreement


mutual non disclosure agreement

The non-disclosure agreement is really very important for the business purpose as if the information related to the business is leaked then they can destroy the business as well as their success and there are many terms for signing this no disclosure agreement in which the people or parties have made lots of efforts to secure its information.

Employee non-disclosure agreement

Employee non-disclosure agreement

  1. Purpose of writing: non-disclosure agreement for the employee examples itself shows that the person who has signed this agreement has never disclosed or share any information or details of the business to any other partner or any their parties. If you are going to sign this agreement you should read all the terms and the condition of this agreement and signed it if you are satisfied with those terms.
  2. Disclosure: in a disclosure to the unknown parties some willing information is provided which they are not allowed to disclose to any other parties which are mentioned in the particular agreement.
  3. Restriction: there are many things which are restricted for those people who have signed this agreement like they are not allowed to be so friendly with the other employee as being so friendly can disclose the business rules and privacy which other person needs to increase the business.
  4. Effective date and time: if you are going to sign the non-disclosure agreement then there is exact time for the signing the agreement and also there is some duration of that agreement i.e. the agreement are depending upon the needs as well as requirements of the company so the agreement can be for the duration of 1 month or it can be for the duration of 1 years.
  5. Restriction in India: there are various kinds of matters which are needed to remain secure and cannot be included in non-disclosure agreements employee termination and any type of common knowledge which is related to your field should also not to be included with the agreement.

Some Mistakes to Avoid in the non-disclosure Agreement

  1. WRONG PARTY AS NDA PARTNER: there are many companies which have their fake names as well as legal documents so, before signing the agreement with the other company you must have to check the names and other things of the company whom you’re going to get loyal as well as trustworthy.
  2. Confidential limit: if you have signed the agreement with the other parties or company then you really avoid getting to closure or maintaining the relationship with the personal level and the confidential must be share in the limited amount as some of the confidential or information need to be secret.
  3. Beware to sign by insufficient authority to bind: while signing the agreement you should keep notice that person has some authority as well some sufficient bind as if they have not and you have signed with them then it will be really a blunder mistakes by you so it compulsory to both the party to know each another as well as everything about agreement and then only sign the agreement.  Employee non-disclosure agreement


The agreement of disclosure is generally happening between two companies or parties with the equal set of mind or mutual understanding as they both are interesting to develop the new business and will do everything for the success of the business. NDA specially made for the protection of all the information both technically and commercially so that your information can be secure. So if you are going to sign with any company then be clear that what types of the details or information you want to share or which information you want to be secure so the other person can also understand the things that they have need to share or what is the information which needs to be protected.


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