5+ Free Meeting Agenda Template

Meeting Agenda is used for business purpose when you are going to held a particular purpose meeting then you first make schedule and procedure for how your meeting is going to proceed. Meeting agenda is made so that you can make your meeting effective and proceed it accordingly without any barrier or trouble as you […]

Download Free Gift Voucher Template

So, if you are wondering to download free gift voucher template then you came to right place. Here, you will get the desired gift voucher templates as per your choice and will not charge any money from you to use them. And the good thing about these templates you get from internet is this you […]

Letter Of Acknowledgement Of Receipt

Do you know what is actually the meaning of the letter of acknowledgment of receipt and how can it be useful? In this article, we will tell you that how can you write the perfect as well as good acknowledgment letter with many tips. An acknowledgment letter is the type of letter which is documents […]

Sample of Loan Agreement Between Two Parties

A sample of the loan agreement between two parties is a type of agreement or you can say the contract between two individuals. The agreement can be done between two borrowers or lender or it can be among the two-person which belongs to the same family. There are many types of the loan agreement which […]

Leave Letter Format for Office | Casual Leave Application

Everyone needs leave from office for someday because of many personal problems or needs so, if you are going to demand the┬áleave from your office then you must have to write leave letter format for office for your leave in the office and if you really need to write this letter and you don’t know […]

Sample Sponsorship Request Letter

When you are in the search of any sponsorship then at this situation you will required sample sponsorship request letter for your any events or programs then your first step is to write a sample sponsorship letter for event which will contain your request regarding sponsorship and you will also need it to convince the […]

Sample Request Letter for Transfer to Another Location

Many times it happen that we are not happy with the place where we are working and no matter how good company are but we need to change the location because of many reasons as you don’t like your salary or the place of job or other things but in that condition you needs for […]

Cover Letter with Salary Requirements

Whenever you are going to apply for the job you really required to show all the requirement of salary with the writing of resume letter but if you have no experience or there is no any demand for any salary expectations then we will recommend you that do not write the cover letter with salary […]

Non-Disclosure Agreement for Employees

Non-disclosure agreement for employees or you can say it as NDA which is the type of agreement or contract which is signed between the two people in which both of the parties or person who signed the paper decide to not to disclose any of the single information or confidential information which they have shared […]