Sample Request Letter for Transfer to Another Location

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Many times it happen that we are not happy with the place where we are working and no matter how good company are but we need to change the location because of many reasons as you don’t like your salary or the place of job or other things but in that condition you needs for the sample request letter for transfer to another location. So in the letter, we will tell you the formats and tips of writing the letter for the transfer of location.

Transfer letter to the employee from one location to another

Transfer letter to the employee from one location to another

When you are writing the letter for the transfer of your location then it may be many of the reason for writing a letter like to develop your skills or to change the type of work or wants to work with the new team, or want to work on the different branch or many of the personal reason like transfer of job your spouse and the family illness, education opportunity etc.

There are few tips that we are going to discuss the writing of the letter of transfer of location:

1) First of all, in the letter give a great thanks to the company for both support and partnership.

2) Your words should be very polite and gentle with thankfulness and don’t forget to describe your relationship with the company and you.

3) Don’t forget to write the actual reason for the transfer of location of your job.

4) Write the letter in brief forms.

5) Before submitting the letter, recheck it so there will be no mistakes in the letter.

If you want in job sample request letter for transfer to another location due to marriage then you should make sure that you must have to write the purpose of the letter also explain your position for which you are going to apply with your skills as well as experience and interest.

Transfer Letter Format from one Location to Another

Transfer Letter Format from one Location to Another


Whenever you are going to start writing a letter you must have to start it with your name, address, contact number and also don’t forget to write pin code.

On the second line, you must have to write the address of the receiver with full name and contact number. When you are to write the paragraph in the body part of your letter then don’t forget to start with the perfect salutation and then only write the body in brief form. Write your letter in a positive way be explaining the reason for transfer with your skills and experience etc.

Don’t forget to write thanks with regards with your full name as well as signature. For more details, you can download the below sample which will make you clear view so that you can write a letter in an easy way.


The transfer letter plays an important role in the field of job or business as you can write it if you are not satisfied in working field or position or you have any family issues related to the location of the job like illness or opportunity of education etc. Or you can write transfer letter when you have got promotion in your job and last don’t forget to mention the relationship with the company with the reason of transfer in the letter.

Transfer letter format from one location to another



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